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Los Angeles Copyright Infringement Attorney | DMCA Notice Raises Additional ‘Six Strikes’ Concerns

Earlier this month, we discussed the “Six Strikes” Copyright Alert System (CAS) being used by the five major internet service providers (ISPs) to combat copyright infringement. On March 1, the technology blog Techdirt reported that MarkMonitor, the American brand protection company entrusted by the Center for Copyright Information (CCI) to identify instances of infringement under the “Six

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Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney | Express Scripts Alleges Partner at ‘Big Four’ Audit Firm Stole Trade Secrets

rs for stealing trade secrets. In its complaint, Express Scripts alleges that former Ernst & Young partner Donald Gravlin “had been sneaking into Express Scripts’ headquarters and stealing confidential and proprietary information belonging to Express Scripts and Medco over the course of several months, with assistance from other E&Y partners and employees.” The complaint alleges Galvin

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Los Angeles Copyright Infringement Attorney | Five ISPs Explain Plans to Implement ‘Six Strikes’ Program

In a February 19 post to the blog InternetNZ, Susan Chalmers examined the first two cases that came before New Zealand’s Copyright Tribunal as part of that country’s “Three Strikes” copyright infringement program. Chalmers wrote that the written decisions showed that the account holders had a limited understanding of the technology they had been punished for using,

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