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Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney

When your business is under attack, you need a trusted name in business litigation. Robert Klein has decades of experience as an attorney, and as a former CPA, he knows how the financial side of businesses operate. Whether you need an attorney for a single case or throughout your company’s lifespan, Klein is known for finding creative solutions to complex business lawsuits.

Attorney Klein takes a hands-on approach to all of his cases, and he refuses to delegate your case to someone else. As a former CPA, he understands the financial components of successful businesses, and with more than 70 courtroom appearances to his name, he is no stranger to litigation. He handles claims against other companies, defends against accusations of illegal behavior and appeals unsatisfactory trial outcomes.

Contact our business attorney today if you are facing a business tort or lawsuit; we can be reached by calling (323) 653-3900. Our Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorneys are the best in terms of guiding and helping you out if you are at a crucial or initial stage of a business loss. There is no charge for the first consultation. You can also visit our office in Beverly Hills, CA.

About Robert G. Klein

Business attorney Robert G. Klein has been resolving corporate disputes since 1987, and he has been running his own firm since 1994. As a Los Angeles business attorney, his goal is to help business owners preserve the success that they have earned through hard work and ethical behavior. Being a Los Angeles intellectual property rights attorney, he handles cases involving intellectual property rights, such as trademark infringement and copyright law, and other matters where a business’s reputation and success is threatened by another company’s unlawful or unethical acts. He has been practicing as a business lawyer in Los Angeles CA offering Free Consultation to clients.

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