Rights of Publicity

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Los Angeles Trademark Lawyer Robert G. Klein Assists with Rights of Publicity Violations

Rights of Publicity ViolationsRights of publicity represent one type of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property laws prevent the unauthorized use of your name, likeness, image or photograph without your expressed consent. The First Amendment places limitations on publicity rights as they relate to free speech and certain forms of creative works. Trademark lawyer Robert G. Klein has a proven history of assisting clients with rights of publicity violations.

If you fail to protect your rights of publicity, it could cost you. The estate of reggae superstar Bob Marley recently signed a management agreement with a Toronto-based equity firm. The parties expect to realize over $1 billion dollars in the next few years. Buried in the Fortune Magazine story: the Marley estate suffers an estimated $600 million theft of income each year due to pirated merchandise with the superstar’s likeness.

Intellectual Property Rights Attorney for Publicity Rights Disputes

If someone infringed on your rights of publicity, or misappropriated your likeness in its goods, services, advertising or promotional material, contact our Los Angeles business attorney get a free consultation. This includes parties that used a deceased celebrities likeness without the estate’s permission, as outlined in California’s Celebrities Rights Act. Attorney Klein’s experience and expertise provide aggressive legal representation to accomplish your objectives, which may include:

  • Obtaining a court order to put an immediate stop to the act
  • Seeking damages and attorney’s fees
  • Negotiating license agreements for the use of your name, voice or image

Attorney Klein has over 25 years of protecting the intellectual property rights of clients to profit their interests. His numerous multi-million dollars settlements and verdicts encompass a range of business disputes litigated in state, federal and appellate court. Whether he negotiates a contract, settlement or goes to trial, Los Angeles business lawyer Robert G. Klein actively involves himself in every case to ensure that each client receives the representation required to achieve courtroom success.

Another Company is Using My Likeness Without Permission – What Can I Do?

Individuals and companies accused of misappropriating or violating of a celebrity’s name or likeness may benefit from Attorney Klein’s expertise in these types of cases. He can work with you to prepare and execute any number of effective defenses to protect your rights to free speech. Coverage or comment on personal interest stories, and the creation of novels, parodies and docudramas also receive protection under the First Amendment.

The Ninth Circuit court has repeatedly affirmed the rights of artists to profit from their creativity, especially when it goes beyond the bounds of rights of publicity and represents “transformative” work. Attorney Klein will evaluate your case and prepare a solid strategy to defend you.

Victim of Unfair Business Practices?

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