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In a video from the technology news website SiliconANGLE, contributing editor John Casaretto discusses whether “rogue” mobile apps are really a danger to the film industry. The segment addresses the takedown notice that Warner Bros. recently sent Google demanding that the company remove the “Hobbit 3D Wallpaper HD” app from its store. As SiliconANGLE host Kristin Feledy notes in the video, the news came only a week after Google received criticism for its initial decision to honor a takedown request from NASCAR, despite the video not containing any material that was copyright infringing.

The “Hobbit 3D” app developed by Any View was one of several mobile apps that use images from movies and television shows without the permission of Hollywood Studios. Reuters reported that Google removed “Hobbit 3D” within days, “in the latest example of how Hollywood is stepping up its efforts to protect its intellectual property in the quickly expanding app market, which is pegged at $20 billion in 2013.”

Reuters noted that one survey of 100 apps mentioning Oscars or the Academy Awards found that 90 percent of those apps contained content that may not have been authorized by the studios. The apps were available on major apps stores, such as Google Paly and Apple Inc.’s app store. “Smartphone apps that provide a direct link to infringing content have become a growing problem that needs to be addressed,” Marc Miller, senior vice president for internet content protection for the MPAA, told Reuters. “Not only do these apps offer access to creative content that has been illegally copied, but they also pose risks to consumers from malware and often fail to provide viewers with the quality product they could often get through a growing number of legitimate sources.”

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Quick Klein Extra: According to research firm Research and Market, roughly 46 billion apps were downloaded in 2012, generating $12 billion in worldwide revenues. The numbers are expected to increase to 83 billion apps and $20.4 billion in revenue this year.

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