Do You Need to Protect Your Facebook Game’s Intellectual Property?

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Our Los Angeles Business Attorney Offers Decades of Successful Experience

Facebook GamesFacebook recently announced that game developers generated close to $2.8 billion in revenue by releasing their products on the Facebook platform. The earnings for smartphone apps are equally impressive, with industry frontrunner Zynga pulling in some $1.4 billion yearly through its mobile applications. With such massive financial gains at stake, the issue of intellectual property protection is now more important than ever.

With the high-tech presence ever increasing in California, it’s essential to have an experienced commercial litigation lawyer on your side to protect the trade secretsthat make your business valuable.

What is Copyright Law for Facebook Games and Mobile Games?

The artwork, sound design and code of your game is what makes it unique – and, ultimately, viable for profit. Protecting the copyright of your game or application is essential to preserving its earning potential for your business. Equally important is protecting your trademark. Trademarks are the distinctive names, slogans and logos that help customers remember why your product is the best. If a competitor or other company uses your trademark to market an inferior product, it can damage your company’s ability to capitalize on the innovations you worked hard to create.

As the revenue potential for Facebook games and smartphone apps continues to grow, so does the potential for copyright infringement and unfair use of trade secrets. If your business is being hurt due to the theft of ideas, you will want someone on your side who knows how to take the fight to the competitor who’s harming your profits. Business litigation attorney Robert G. Klein has over 25 years of experience helping companies just like yours with intellectual property protection and copyright infringement issues.

How Do I Stop Copyright Infringement and Intellectual Property Theft?

If you suspect that some other company is profiting off of ideas from your smartphone app or Facebook game, you don’t have to sit there and watch them profit. Our business litigation lawyer can help you pursue remedies from the offending company through a lawsuit. You may be able to gain relief up to and including:

  • Monetary damages for lost profits, redevelopment costs and infringement damages
  • Attorney fees
  • Destruction of all materials that infringe upon your copyright, trademark, etc
  • Destruction of production processes

Find a Business Lawyer for Facebook Games, Mobile Apps

When you contact our law firm, your case will receive the attention of a business lawyer with over 25 years of experience protecting the copyright of businesses just like yours. You deserve to be able to use the full earning potential of your Facebook game and smartphone app, and Robert G. Klein is ready to help you take the fight to the business that is unfairly profiting from your ideas. Call us today – the initial consultation is free.


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