Using The Jury Consultants In A Trial

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In a lot of high stakes litigation where there is really a lot of money at stake, people find it helpful to hire an independent jury consultant. That can be a good idea, but it’s something you really need to consider with your clients. A jury consultant really just talks about the psychological issues that motivate jurors to rule a certain way, like schemas and personality traits. They are familiar with studies done by sociologists on these topics because there is a lot of research done on jury behavior and the sociology of jury selection.

A jury consultant can not only help you frame some of the voir dire questions but you can have someone sitting at the counsel table with you who is observing and taking very detailed notes, which can help because it’s not always that easy for you to be able to take notes while questioning potential jurors. It is always a good idea to have a third person, who is experienced in jury selection, to assist in the voir dire process. I recommend jury consultants, if your client can afford it and there is a lot at stake.

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