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Los Angeles Business Attorneys Support Your Company During Business Disputes

Robert G. Klein Protects Trademarks and Copyrights

Business attorney Robert G. Klein has been resolving corporate disputes since 1987, and he has been running his own firm since 1994. His goal is to help business owners preserve the success that they have earned through hard work and ethical behavior. He handles cases involving intellectual property rights, such as trademark infringement and copyright law, and other matters where a business’s reputation and success is threatened by another company’s unlawful or unethical acts. He also assists with general business transactions, and he provides valuable legal advice for companies of all sizes.

“Everyone Has a Right to Protect What’s Theirs”

Though attorney Klein is located in California, he accepts cases across the country, and his cases involve both domestic and international operations. His work has taken him to state courts, federal courts and even the United States Supreme Court. His main office is in Los Angeles, and according to one entertainment magazine, he applies the same storytelling and technical mastery to his courtroom presentations as Hollywood does to its award-winning films.

Trademark cases are Klein’s passion, and he believes that every business owner has a right to protect what they worked so hard to build. Some of his past cases involved:

  • Companies with similar trademarks
  • A business affiliate encroaching on another’s foreign market
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets
  • A business partner who used company dollars for other projects
  • A multi-million dollar verdict for a breach of contract
  • Obtaining a court injunction to stop a business from wrongful use of a trademark
  • Subcontractors not getting paid by general contractors
  • Additional claims involving a fraud lawsuit and breach of warranty

“I Really Handle Everything Myself – I Don’t Delegate Anything”

Attorney Klein takes a hands-on approach to all of his cases, and he refuses to delegate your case to someone else. As a former CPA, he understands the financial components of successful businesses, and with more than 70 courtroom appearances to his name, he is no stranger to litigation. He handles claims against other companies, defends against accusations of illegal behavior and appeals unsatisfactory trial outcomes.

Some of the practice areas he handles the most include:

“I Take Risks That Pay Off for My Clients Because I’m Very Thorough and Always Well-Prepared”

Klein takes complex areas of litigation and boils them down into simple cases of right and wrong. The testimonials from his satisfied clients speak for themselves.

If you are looking for Los Angeles business attorneys to protect your business’s reputation and put a stop to harmful behavior, contact our law firm now by calling [number] or by submitting a short description of your case using the form on this page. Your first consultation is free, and the legal advice could be worth a fortune.


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