How Important Is Planning Your Responses To Potential Jurors?

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Whatever happened that made your client decide to file a lawsuit should be boiled down into a one-sentence theme as soon as you accept a case. You will then try to put that theme in jury selection, in your opening statement, in your examination of the witnesses, on cross-examination, and in your closing.

You want to keep driving that theme home, so when the jury goes into the room to deliberate, it repeats in their minds. All they have to do is think of your theme and immediately, it brings back all the evidence that supports your theory of the case.

Are There Benefits To Using A Trial Consulting Service Before or During The Juror Selection Process?

A jury consultant can be very helpful, but also very expensive. The more jury trials you do, the more you start getting your own sense of what is a good juror and what is not such a good juror. You can read about the psychological theories of jury selection and understand it yourself. It is a good idea, if your client can afford it, to bring in a consultant in a high stakes case, but it is not at all necessary in a lot of cases.

Additional Information On Jury Selection In High Stakes Cases

When you are trying a case, there are three Greek concepts for persuasive argument. It is Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Ethos refers to the ethics or the character of the speaker and is especially important. It is essential that you communicate a good, strong character to the jury at the very beginning. You need to be seen as reliable and credible and you need to express that you are ethical, you are competent, you are responsible, and you are trustworthy. That is a huge part of the jury selection process.

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