How to Defend Against Business Disparagement

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Business DisparagementLos Angeles Business Lawyers Can Strategize with You

Businesses have the right to protect themselves against those who seek to damage them through the spreading of false and negative information. If your business is being affected by disparagement, our Los Angeles business lawyer can help. Robert G. Klein has more than 25 years of experience dealing with corporate cases including those related to contract disputestrade secret litigationand other matters of California business law.

What is Business Disparagement?

Business disparagement is a type of business tort, meaning that it is a damaging action taken against you or your business. California law generally refers to business disparagement by the term “trade libel,” but libel, slander, unfair competition and false advertising each may cover aspects of the overarching business disparagement.

The elements which must be present for this type of suit are:

  • A statement was made which disparaged the quality of your product or service.
  • The aforementioned statement was put forth as though it were fact.
  • The offending statement was both false and made with the intent to cause harm.
  • You and/or your business suffered a monetary loss.

You May Be Entitled to Damages

Due to the economic interests at stake in a business disparagement or trade libel case, injunctive relief may be available even though that would not be the case in a standard slander or libel suit. In other words, you may be able to petition the court for an injunction to prevent any further false and negative information to be spread about your business. This is one reason it is important to contact experienced business lawyers right away in order to get the proper proceedings underway.

Additionally, you may be entitled to compensation for monetary losses your business has suffered as a result of the libel against you. In some cases, these losses must be tangible while in others you may be able to sue for projected losses based on clients who did not choose to work with you based on the disparaging information.

A Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer You Can Count On

Business lawyer Robert G. Klein has been practicing law in the area of business litigation for over 25 years. Having an experienced and knowledgeable business attorney on your side can be the deciding factor in a business disparagement or trade libel suit—we will fight for the settlement or verdict you deserve. Contact our law firm; we have helped hundreds of businesses through legal battles and we can do the same for you and your company.


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