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Los Angeles Trademark Infringement Lawyer | Can Authors Sue Large Corporations For Copyright Infringement?

Small-time copyright owners should not fear taking on large corporations in intellectual property disputes. Since the Copyright Act of 1976, all tangible works, such as books or recordings, receive a measure of legal protection in which the copyright owners have exclusive rights to the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials. For example, author and songwriter

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Deciding What Business Structure is Best for Your Company

A brief introduction There are many options to choose from when it comes to deciding on the best company structure for your fledgling business. While starting a new business can often seem as daunting a task as reaching the summit of Mount Everest, or bungee jumping into a crocodile den, it doesn’t necessarily have to

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Kardashians Aggressively Protect Their Publicity Rights

Much like businesses protecting their trademarks, celebrities similarly have to be aggressive protecting their publicity rights. While sometimes their actions may come across as a bit overbearing (Apple’s “appstore” lawsuits have received this criticism), companies and celebrities have to do this in order to protect their trademark and publicity rights. If they do not, a court

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