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Counterfeit Goods in Trademark litigation

Counterfeit goods is an international problem.  Counterfeiting is prevalent in high-quality status goods.  Fake Cartier watches made with inferior parts and unenforceable warranties selling at bargain prices are a fraud on the consumer and hurts Cartier’s reputation. “Counterfeiting is the act of producing or selling a product with a sham trademark that is an intentional

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Financial Elder Abuse

There are a disturbing number of cases involving financial abuse of the elderly.  Because the elderly are particularly vulnerable, the California legislature enacted the Elder Abuse Act “to protect elders by providing enhanced remedies which encourage private, civil enforcement of laws against elder abuse and neglect.” The Elder Abuse Act defines “abuse” to include anything

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Los Angeles Trademark Infringement Lawyer | Can Authors Sue Large Corporations For Copyright Infringement?

Small-time copyright owners should not fear taking on large corporations in intellectual property disputes. Since the Copyright Act of 1976, all tangible works, such as books or recordings, receive a measure of legal protection in which the copyright owners have exclusive rights to the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials. For example, author and songwriter

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Deciding What Business Structure is Best for Your Company

A brief introduction There are many options to choose from when it comes to deciding on the best company structure for your fledgling business. While starting a new business can often seem as daunting a task as reaching the summit of Mount Everest, or bungee jumping into a crocodile den, it doesn’t necessarily have to

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Kardashians Aggressively Protect Their Publicity Rights

Much like businesses protecting their trademarks, celebrities similarly have to be aggressive protecting their publicity rights. While sometimes their actions may come across as a bit overbearing (Apple’s “appstore” lawsuits have received this criticism), companies and celebrities have to do this in order to protect their trademark and publicity rights. If they do not, a court

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