Accused of Stealing Trade Secrets?

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Litigation Lawyer Robert Klein Offers Trade Secret Defense

Trade SecretsMany people who leave their jobs end up working for rivals or starting businesses that compete with their former companies. Unfortunately, some individuals, many of whom may have signed non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, find themselves facing unfound allegations of trade secret violations by their former employers. Defend your right to earn a living at your profession or trade. The employer has the burden to prove that the “confidential information” meets the legal requirements of “trade secrets”.

Should I File a Business Lawsuit for Trade Secret Disputes?

Recently, business lawyer Robert Klein successfully litigated a case for a president whose company stood accused of trade secret misappropriation. Do not take a chance on your career, or your business unraveling based on groundless charges. Speak to litigation lawyers right now because you have so much at stake. We understand the finer points of building a solid and effective defense to show how you relied on publicly available information and/or your professional knowledge, skills and resources to obtain results.

Litigation Lawyers Defending Against Unfair Trade Practices

Regardless of what side of the fence you find yourself, secure hard-hitting and qualified legal representation with business lawyer Robert Klein. Trade secret concerns require powerful and persuasive arguments that contain the necessary elements for you to prevail in the courtroom. If you suspect someone stole your trade secrets, the foundation of your case depends on demonstrating how your trade secrets set you apart from the competition and proving that the accused obtained the confidential information illegally. Some possible remedies include:

  • Securing a court order to stop the disclosure or use of the trade secrets.
  • Pursuing financial compensation to recover damages, through litigation if necessary.

Business Litigation Lawyers for Trade Secret Defense

If someone stole your trade secrets, or you face charges of the offense, you must take assertive action. Contact our business attorney for a free no obligation consultation. Call [number], or submit a confidential contact form on the side of the page. Someone will be with you shortly.


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