Damages for a Breach of Contract?

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Damages for a Breach of ContractFor any company, a contract is the first and strongest line of defense against a partner, vendor or customer who may not hold up their end of the deal. In any breach of contract case, it is not simply a matter of broken promises—the offended party may have suffered significant loss of earnings, profits and potential for future growth. If you find yourself facing a contract dispute, you may be wondering what kind of damages you could expect to recover from the company that breached the agreement.

With over 25 years of contract law experience, Los Angeles business litigation attorney Robert G. Klein can help you find the best possible remedy for your breach of contract case, up to and including compensation for the financial damages your business suffered.

Types of Breach of Contract Damages

Every contract is as unique as the parties who it sign it. Accordingly, there are several different kinds of damages that could be awarded in a contract dispute case. The primary types of damages include:

  • Compensatory damages that help ease the loss of revenue
  • Liquidation damages specified in the contract
  • Punitive damages that punish the breaching party and deter them from repeating their behavior
  • Consequential damages that ease any unforeseen effects of the breach

Through legal action under California contract law, you may able to win damages for the totality of your losses, whether they have already occurred or would be avoided had the contract been fulfilled by all parties.

Other Potential Remedies for a Breach of Contract

In the event that monetary damages cannot completely compensate your business for the damage resulting from a breach of contract, you may also pursue relief through “equitable remedies.” Such remedies include:

  • Contract reformation, where the contract is rewritten to reflect each party’s true intentions and capabilities;
  • Contract rescission, where the contract is cancelled outright;
  • Specific performance, which essentially forces the other party to hold up their end of the deal. In certain cases, this may be preferable to monetary damages.

No matter what your situation is, having qualified and experienced Los Angeles contract disputes lawyers can ensure that your business receives what it rightly deserves.

Help is Available from Our Los Angeles Breach of Contract Attorney

If your business is suffering due to a breach of contract, you can get assistance when you contact our business lawyer. It is unacceptable to suffer lost profits and damaged revenue potential simply due to someone not holding up their end of a deal. With over 25 years of California contract law experience, business attorney Robert G. Klein has the skills that your business needs to pursue damages from the offending party.


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