Category: Real estate litigation

Breach of implied warranty of habitability

I am defending an individual who owned a house that he rented to a family of four.  Before he rented this house he had the property professionally cleaned and painted.  When he inspected the property before he leased it, he confirmed it was fit for occupation and did not have any conditions that rendered it

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Bona fide purchaser for value

I was recently contacted to represent an individual who was a victim of fraud when he learned that somebody he trusted sold his real estate without his knowledge or consent.  He transferred his property to this individual he trusted in trust for a limited purpose.  This person then sold his property to a sophisticated real

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Real estate litigation

Fraudulent real property claims

If you are a victim of a fraudulent real estate claim there are certain things you need to consider.  I recently received a call about a fiduciary relationship where the fiduciary sold real property belonging to the trusted partner without their knowledge or consent.  The property was sold to a third party who apparently knew

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