Involved in a Shareholder Dispute?

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A Los Angeles Business Dispute Attorney Can Help

Involved in a Shareholder DisputeWhen shareholders enter into a business relationship with one another, a mutual trust and vision of success unites them. Unfortunately, as time goes by, goals and priorities can change, causing a rift that may threaten the success of the business as a whole. If your business is dealing with a dispute among shareholders, or if you believe such a business dispute is on the horizon, you need a skilled Los Angeles business litigation lawyer who will work hard to protect you and your business.

Business lawyer Robert G. Klein has more than 25 years of experience with intellectual property disputes, business law and litigation, and he can help create a solution to your shareholder conflict.

Common Causes for Shareholder Disputes

The underlying cause for most business disputes among shareholders is a breakdown of trust. There may be any number of instigating factors, but among the most common are:

  • Disparities between salaries
  • Revealing trade secrets
  • Exclusion from meetings
  • Breach of duties
  • Breach of shareholder agreements and/or breach of contract
  • Differences in opinion regarding strategy and management
  • Unauthorized use of your copyrighted material

You have worked too hard building your business to watch it crumble due to an unsteady foundation of shareholders. Business attorney Robert G. Klein has the knowledge and experience you need to safeguard your livelihood.

Retaining a Business Attorney Has Its Benefits

A seasoned business lawyer in your corner is the best way to come through a shareholder dispute with your business intact. In many cases, these disputes can be resolved out of court through mediation and negotiation.

Whenever possible, it is best to avoid involving a jury that may have a difficult time understanding the nuances of your business. However, if your matter should necessitate litigation, having a skilled business lawyer will ensure that you will be well-represented in the courtroom.

Contact Klein Trial Lawyers Today, We Are Here For You

Our Los Angeles business litigation lawyer Robert G. Klein focuses his law practice on complex business disputes. He represents individuals and businesses, and he has a track record of positive verdicts and settlementsContact our law firm today to get a fair and thorough assessment of your case, your rights and your options. Call [number], or submit an online case review to schedule your free consultation.


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