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Unfair Competition by CompetitorUnfair competition is damaging to any business. Whether your company is an established competitor in its market or a new entry into a local, national or international marketplace, fighting back against unfair competition can strengthen your business’s success and reputation. Litigation attorney Robert Klein has been handling business disputes like unfair competition claims since 1987, and he can help your company maintain its integrity.

Types of Unfair Trade Practices

Many companies engage in underhanded and unfair business tactics that fall under the umbrella of unfair competition. California’s Unfair Competition Act forbids companies from unlawful, unfair and fraudulent acts. Examples of unfair competition include:

  • Predatory Pricing: Your competitors may deliberately under-price items to undermine your sales, or they may ‘bait and switch’ by offering customers an introductory price on goods or services in order to ‘steal’ the sale, then later inflate the price to make a profit.
  • Unfair Pressure: Your competitors may pressure your trade associates to not do business with you, deny you the goods and services you require for business operations or inflate your base costs.
  • False Advertising: Your competitors may falsely advertise their goods or services to discredit yours or lure in more customers than they would normally attract with honest advertising.
  • Misrepresentation: Your competitors may deliberately misrepresent their products as yours or may misrepresent themselves as a better supplier of the same goods and services you offer.
  • Illegal Practices and Procedures: Your competitors may knowingly break the law when competing for customers, either by disregarding laws currently on the books, by using unfair sales tactics, by breaking non-compete agreements or by knowingly violating state and federal regulations when bidding on contracts.

If you are the victim of unfair business practices, your company has the right to sue for damages. Business litigation lawyers can assess your company’s losses and file suit for recompense. He can identify your competitors’ specific misdeeds, and bring them to light in a court of law.

Business Litigation Lawyers for Unfair Competition

There is no reason to suffer the loss of company revenue due to the unfair actions of a competitor who refuses to ‘play by the rules’. If your company or corporation has incurred significant damage due to unfair competition, contact our business lawyer to discuss your case. Call (323) 405-1002 today or submit a contact form. There are no charges for your first consultation.

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