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Los Angeles Copyright Infringement Lawyers Stop Intellectual Property Theft

Copyright infringementCopyright law protects owners who invest the time and money into original expressions of work. Business lawyer Robert G. Klein provides businesses with specialized legal attention regarding complex intellectual property law to end theft and copyright infringement. He will begin work immediately to stop the reproduction or sale of the copyrighted materials and will demand monetary damages for the infringement.

How Does an Owner Secure a Copyright to an Original Work?

Copyrightable works include literary, musical, dramatic, choreographic, pictorial, graphic, audiovisual, sound and architectural materials. Copyright law protects owners from infringement from the moment of the work’s creation through the life of the author plus 70 years.

Unlike trademarks, it is unnecessary to register your copyright. However, notice and registration of a copyright is highly recommended. You can file a notice with the U.S. Copyright Office to alert the public as to the work’s owner, year of publication and copyright protection.

What is Copyright Infringement?

The owner of a copyright has exclusive rights to the original work. Copyright infringement occurs when another person, business or entity:

  • Copies the work;
  • Makes derivative works based on the original;
  • Distributes or sells the work;
  • Performs the work in public;
  • Displays the work in public; or
  • Plays or performs copyrighted audio material.

Remedies for Copyright Infringement

If your company is experiencing theft of your protected works, it is essential to have a business litigator who focuses on intellectual propertytrade secrets and copyright law to pursue available remedies to the fullest extent of the law. Our Los Angeles business litigation lawyer is prepared to send copyright infringement notices on behalf of businesses to stop the infringement immediately and to seek monetary damages in court.

Available remedies for copyright infringement include:

  • Injunctions to immediately stop production or sale of copyrighted materials;
  • Injunctions to restrain and prevent future infringement of a copyright;
  • Impounding and destroying all copies and means of production for copyrighted materials;
  • Monetary damages and lost profits; and
  • Attorney fees and costs to prevailing parties.

Business Litigation Attorneys Handling Copyright Infringement Cases

Robert G. Klein has over 25 years of experience representing businesses protect intellectual property rights, and he is an aggressive advocate for victims of copyright infringement in commercial and business litigation. Contact us today to discuss your legal rights and the available options, including filing a copyright infringement lawsuit. Call [number] today to schedule a free consultation with us, or submit a confidential contact form on the side of the page and someone will contact you soon.


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