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Los Angeles Trademark Infringement Attorney | Timelines ‘Likes’ Judge’s Decision in Infringement Case Against Facebook

When Facebook Inc., the owner of the world’s largest social-networking service, unveiled a “timeline” feature on its user pages in September 2011, it was quickly hit with a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition. The lawsuit was filed by Timelines Inc., a Chicago-based company founded in 2007 and started a website in 2009 that lets

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Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer | American Indian Groups Hope to ‘Hail Victory’ in Trademark Battle with Washington Redskins

WRC-TV news anchor Jim Vance provided some on air commentary regarding the long controversial name of the Washington Redskins. Vance has received numerous honors and awards since joining WRC in 1969, but the opposition to the name and logo of that market’s football team likely predates Vance’s arrival at the Washington DC NBC affiliate. Vance

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Los Angeles Copyright Infringement Attorney | Supreme Court Decision Could Keep Some Green in the Gray Market

Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., a case heard by the US Supreme Court last October, was such an important copyright infringement matter. The decision in this case was thought to carry potentially devastating implications for individuals and businesses involved in the “gray market,” the trade of commodities through irregular although not necessarily illegal methods. Supap

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Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer | One Year After Siding with Motorola in Patent Infringement Case, ITC Judge Rules in Favor of Microsoft

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. is in good shape in the patent infringement lawsuit it filed against Microsoft Corp. Last April, US International Trade Commission Judge David Shaw ruled that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console violated four of Motorola’s patents and later recommended a ban on the sale of the Xbox console in the United States. However,

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Los Angeles Copyright Infringement Lawyer | While Millions ‘Do the Harlem Shake,’ Pair of Artists Seeking Compensation

A video from the news and politics program The Young Turks discusses, the 2012 song “Harlem Shake” that spawned countless YouTube dance videos after going viral last month. However, the New York Times reported that the popularity was especially surprising to individuals whose records were used in the song without their permission. Philadelphia rapper Jayson

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