Securities Fraud Litigation

Security fraud and business litigation in the Los Angeles area is rampant since the corona virus pandemic. During these difficult financial times we are seeing in increase in false and fraudulent
conduct in connection with the offer and sale of securities in Los Angeles spawning lawsuits for securities fraud and business litigation. Business litigation is just one species of securities fraud
litigation and can range from targeting individuals to invest in private non-public companies to manipulating the price of stock in the national stock markets.

Currently we have been hearing on the news in Los Angeles about securities fraud involving companies including Robinhood, Gamestop and AMC. There is fraud in the manipulation of
securities involving tremendous losses hedge funds suffered through the short selling of Gamestop securities. There is talk about imposing regulations on capital requirements for hedge
funds and companies like Robinhood that offer investors the opportunity to buy fractional shares of securities in public companies.

The goal of the Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect the consumer from securities fraud in both the private and public sectors.

Anyone that has been a victim of securities fraud in the Los Angeles area should call us at Klein Litigation.

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