Need to Protect Your Console Video Game’s Copyright?

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Los Angeles Business Lawyers Enforce Copyright Laws

Console GamesMedia website Gizmodo recently reported that upwards of 65% of US households play some kind of console video game. The console game industry itself is reported to be worth close to $105 billion worldwide, according to the Escapist Magazine. The revenue potential from console video games has been rising in the past decade, and companies all across the globe are starting to take notice. As the competition for console video game revenue increases, it’s extremely important that you protect the unique copyrighted material and trademarks that make your product stand out from the rest.

Los Angeles business lawyer Robert G. Klein has over 25 years of experience with copyright law and in defending the copyrighted material and trade secrets of businesses just like yours. He has the legal know-how to help you get back and maintain control of your product’s public image.

Protecting Your Console Game’s Content from Trademark or Copyright Infringement

From the title screen music to the color of the final boss’s shoes, your game has proprietary content that makes it a unique and fun experience for your customers. If another developer is using your game’s copyrighted material without your permission, they are ultimately hurting your game’s image and stealing away profits that are rightly yours.

If you suspect that another company is using your game’s ideas and trademarks in order to sell their own product, you should contact an experienced business litigation attorney. The threat of legal action may be enough to get your competitor to stop using your creative endeavors. However, if the case ends up going to court, you will need knowledgeable and aggressive legal counsel to argue your case.

Remedies for Video Game Infringement

There are several potential remedies for the loss you may have experienced due to copyright infringement. Your business attorney will work to get you:

Other remedies may also be available to ensure that you receive what’s due for your stolen creative work. No matter what the situation is, we will fight to ensure that your copyrighted material will no longer be infringed upon.

Video Game Copyright Infringement Protection

Robert G. Klein has over 25 years of experience with copyright law and with fighting on behalf of businesses just like yours. You shouldn’t have to suffer from lost profits and business opportunities because of a competitor using your copyrighted material. Contact our business lawyer today to explore your options for legal action against the company that has stolen your creative work.


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