Need to Protect Your Firm’s Trade Secrets?

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Our Los Angeles Litigation Attorney Discusses the Options

Need to Protect Your Firm’s Trade SecretsWhen you work hard to build a reputable business, you need to protect the assets and goodwill of your company. Trade secret theft is a direct assault on a business whereby proprietary information is stolen, often by former employees and/or competitors. The National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command estimated that $250 billion per year is lost by U.S. companies because of IP theft.

Los Angeles litigation attorney Robert G. Klein counsels business owners to protect their trade secrets, as well as representing victims of trade secret theft in court. Robert G. Klein offers his knowledge and experience to guide you through setting up legal safeguards, such as employee contracts and enhanced cybersecurity, to prevent your company’s trade secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

What Can My Business Do to Prevent Trade Secret Theft?

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) defines a trade secret as “any confidential business information which provides an enterprise a competitive edge.” This could be anything from a manufacturing process to advertising strategies to distribution methods.

Unfortunately, while crucial, filing a trademark will not help when it comes to protecting your company from trade secret theft. Trade secrets, by definition, are not something that your business would ever disclose to the world at large, as a trademark filing would require. However, there are a few steps a business can take to better protect itself from trade secret theft, including:

  • Keeping knowledge and access to trade secrets limited to a select few key employees;
  • Having key employees sign confidentiality agreements;
  • Keeping physical copies of trade secrets secured, whether in a safe or by other means;
  • Boosting network security to prevent electronic data from being hacked or stolen.

How Can an Attorney Help My Business Avoid Being a Victim of Trade Secret Theft?

While you should take every precaution to protect your trade secrets from being stolen, if trade secret theft happens, there are laws in place to help you limit and remedy the damage. Hiring a qualified Los Angeles litigation attorney to assist in setting up the safeguards protecting your trade secrets will ensure that you will be able to gather the necessary evidence to prove your case if trade secret theft occurs, including:

  • Proving that the stolen information provides a competitive advantage
  • Proving that the stolen information was kept confidential
  • Proving that the information was improperly acquired and/or disclosed

Our Business Has Unprotected Trade Secrets. What Should We Do?

Leaving your business vulnerable to trade secret theft is a recipe for disaster. Klein Trial Lawyers can help you put protections in place designed to prevent trade secret theft from happening, as well as help you stop and remedy any damages resulting from unfair trade practices.

Call our firm today at [number] to have a qualified and experienced lawyer in Los Angeles assist you with effectively protecting your California trade secrets.


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