Why Klein Litigation

The reason why Robert G. Klein, a Litigation Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA, is the right choice for you because of the following underlying distinctive features that make us stand out from our competitors.

  • Robert G. Klein handles everything his self, and do not delegate things.
  • Robert G. Klein builds a smart defense strategy in every single case in the greater interest of the client
  • Meeting an experienced business litigation lawyer and getting an expert opinion on your case
  • Focused attention to your case & takes a hands-on approach to all of his cases
  • Compassionate as well as concerned attitude towards clients, as clients come first!
  • Precise talk, as time is the fundamental factor to consider in such sensitive cases. Every single second is valuable.
  • Keeping you in the thread with regard to the case developments
  • Honest and updated advice in the best interest of the clients.
  • Protecting your business reputation, and put a stop to harmful business behavior.

Resolving Disputes Since 1987

Robert G. Klein is one of the leading Litigation Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA, and its suburbs. For the past three decades, Robert G. Klein is providing their legal services to a large number of people residing in California and helping them in obtaining intellectual property rights, such as trademark infringement and copyright law, and other matters where a business’s reputation and success is threatened by another company’s unlawful or unethical acts. He also assists with general business transactions and provides valuable legal advice for companies of all sizes.

What People Say

About Klein Litigation

Every business litigation case and client is unique. Each case has its unique facts, evidence, circumstances, allegations and more. Some intellectual rights cases are resolved quickly, while others may take months or even years. Therefore, it is frustrating for clients and their families to wait, wonder, and are uncertain about business litigation proceedings. Hence, looking for a best Los Angeles CA business attorney is the right thing to do in such legal chaos. Robert G. Klein is the one, who always make sure to fully explain the legal process and guide you through every step of your case so that you have a clear understanding of your case. Business litigation attorney Klein takes a hands-on approach to all of his cases. Further, considering the sensitive nature of the case, he refuses to delegate your case to someone else. Being a former CPA, he understands the financial components of a successful business, as he appeared in more than 70 courtrooms. Robert G. Klein is no stranger to litigation. He professionally handles claims against other companies; defend against accusations of illegal behavior and appeals against unsatisfactory outcomes.
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