Twentieth Century Fox Sued Over Simpsons Hologram

Alki David, founder of FilmOn, is accusing several high-profile hologram performances of using his patented 3D technology without permission.

The most recent lawsuit is about a hologram of Homer Simpson from San Diego’s Comic-Con in July. Creator of the Simpsons Matt Groening stood on stage chatting with Homer for about two minutes.

David’s lawsuit complains that the stunt used the same technology as a Tupac Shakur hologram that was a big hit at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival. He claims the company that produced that hologram paid him to use his patents, unlike 20th Century Fox, the owner of the Simpsons.

A Fox spokesperson described the lawsuit as “totally without merit,” but David believes the court will support his claim. “Fox used the same technology in X-Men 4 and they paid us there,” David pointed out, adding that he has spent “millions of dollars acquiring [the patents] and will defend [them] vigorously.”

David co-owns US Patent Nos. 5,865,519 and 7,883,212 with Uwe Maass and Musion Das Hologram. The trio claims they maintain a showroom of 3D “faces and products” in Beverly Hills that only they have the right to use.

The three owners have been involved in multiple patent lawsuits over the 3D technology. In May, David tried to stop a hologram performance of Michael Jackson that was scheduled to air during the Billboard Music Awards, but his efforts failed.

In addition to the Simpsons lawsuit, David and Hologram USA have litigation pending against Arena 3D and Cirque du Soleil. The Cirque du Soleil lawsuit also involves a Michael Jackson hologram, while Arena 3D is being sued over “Pepper’s Ghost Foil,” a special material that enhances holographic effects.

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[Did You Know: Modern day holograms are based on an optical illusion called Pepper’s Ghost, which dates back to the 19th Century.]

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