Samsung’s Expert Witnesses Testify Against Apple

Previously we discussed the ongoing clash of titans, Apple and Samsung, and the patent infringement case that has been brewing for well over two years. Essentially, Apple is claiming that Samsung has infringed on their patents in regards to slide-to-unlock, auto-correct text, contextual links, universal search, and data syncing. In response, Samsung said that Apple’s efforts are misguided as most of their claims of infringement apply to Google’s Android operating system that runs on Samsung phones. Furthermore, Samsung claims that Apple should have never been granted the patents in the first place, because the features were developed independently prior to their registration.

The case is moving past the mudslinging phase of quoting leaked emails from both companies and into the testimonies of expert witnesses. Samsung’s witnesses testified that Samsung in no way infringed upon Apple’s patents.  First, a professor of computer science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill spoke in regards to the contextual links patent, ‘647, which allows users to call a phone number on a page by merely clicking it. Apple’s patent identifies in the link using an “analyzer server” while links are detected on Samsung devices by the application itself. “In my opinion, they do not infringe,” said the professor.

A professor of computer science at MIT and a professor of human computer interaction at University of Calgary said that Samsung never infringed upon the universal search patent or slide-to-unlock technology, respectively. The latter claimed that slide-to-unlock technology has been standard in a variety of user interfaces for quite some time and Apple is merely just one company using an industry standard. Similarly, a professor of the University of Toronto said that predictive text had existed long before Apple’s ‘172 patent.

Consequently, Samsung’s attorneys claim that Apple should have never been granted the patents in the first place because they were standard in the industry and developed independently of Apple. Furthermore, Samsung’s experts claimed that commercial success cannot be directly linked to the allegedly infringed upon patents. Commercial success hinges on the idea that consumers bought the iPhone specifically for the features that were allegedly infringed upon. Hopefully, the case will find resolution by the end of April.

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[Did You Know: Slide to unlock can be thought of as a skeuomorphism, or design mimicry, of bolt locks, weakening the originality of the patent.]

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