Meet Robert G. Klein of Klein Trial Lawyers

Klein Trial Lawyers is a Los Angeles law firm that specializes in business litigation. Litigation attorney Robert G. Klein has helped businesses protect their trademarks and copyrights since 1987.

Robert G. Klein has taken more than 70 cases to trial, representing clients in state and federal court as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. He has a reputation for being an aggressive litigator with a dynamic personality, engaging judges and jurors alike.

Klein also has a reputation for building strong relationships with his clients, based on trust and honesty. He has experience defending businesses of all shapes and sizes from unfair competition and intellectual property infringement.

Could Trademark Infringement Hurt My Business?

Most businesses work hard to establish a bond of trust with their customers by producing a quality product. Trademark infringement and other forms of intellectual property theft are harmful, because they create doubt and confusion in the marketplace, leading customers to look elsewhere for consistency.

Dishonest business practices can affect a company’s reputation and commercial interests. If infringers willfully use a stronger trademark to boost their own brand, it can be difficult to make them stop without legal action.

Robert G. Klein knows that intellectual property helps distinguish products in the marketplace. Klein Trial Lawyers helps businesses protect their brands and reputations. If you are fighting infringement, schedule a consultation with Robert G. Klein at his Beverly Hills location:

Klein Trial Lawyers
(323) 653-3900 ext. 110
8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 510
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2406

Klein Trial Lawyers—Los Angeles business litigation lawyers

[Did You Know: According to the USPTO, 77 percent of trademark applications were filed electronically in 2012.]

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