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The entertainment news website Deadline.com reported on May 30 that the film company Merchant Ivory Productions and the film distribution company Janus Films came to a deal in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Merchant Ivory filed a lawsuit last August alleging that Janus was infringing copyrights by distributing 25 of its films after their licensing deals expired. Janus has a business partnership with the Criterion Collection, a video distribution company that sells “important classic and contemporary films.”

Merchant Ivory is the maker of such critically acclaimed films as “A Room with a View” and “Howards End.” According to Deadline, Merchant Ivory was seeking statutory damages of $150,000 for each infringement as well any profits Janus could have made from the films in question, any losses it might have incurred in not being able to distribute them plus legal fees. After the initial lawsuit was filed, Janus responded by filing a breach of contract claim against the James Ivory co-founded company. However, each party is paying its own legal costs as part of the dismissal that a federal judge in New York signed off on May 29.

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