Los Angeles Copyright Infringement Attorney | Having Already Targeted Search Ranking Results, Google Discusses Blocking Money to Piracy Sites

In an April 2011 RT video, host Alyona Minkoski discusses Google’s plans to censor “pirate sites,” or websites that profit by providing illegal material. While those plans were an attempt to hurt pirate sites by ranking them low in search results, a United Kingdom newspaper recently reported that Google is now planning to implement even tougher measures to control piracy. According to the Daily Telegraph, the internet search giant is in talks to block funding to websites that do not respond to legal challenges. The hope is that cutting off these payments would reduce the number of sites dedicated to copyright infringement.

While entertainment industry would likely back this plan, some critics were quick to point out that blocking funds could be a “slippery slope.” The online business news website WebProNews said that even Google was “a little concerned” about unintended consequences. “The company reportedly fears that the big media players could use such a ploy to block funds from reaching smaller, yet legitimate, competitors,” WebProNews reported.

The technology blog Techdirt compared the discussed payment blocking plan to Google’s position when Congress was considering the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). “[I]f this report is accurate, like with Google caving to Hollywood’s demands over search rankings, it won’t satisfy Hollywood (nothing will), it won’t stop infringement, but it likely will make consumers worse off by killing off important innovations,” Techdirt said. “Furthermore, it would be yet another example of SOPA happening anyway, despite the protests against the law.”

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Quick Klein Extra: A survey of 5,000 musicians from different genres by Northwestern University School of Law Professor Peter DiCola found that on average, recorded music constitutes only 6 percent of all revenue.

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