Los Angeles Copyright Infringement Attorney | Are Intellectual Property Issues Making Matters Worse for Zynga?

A video was released recently that serves as a beginner’s guide to Zynga’s CityVille 2. The game is one of three titles launched last quarter that the San Francisco-based social game developer will be shutting down, according to GamePolitics.com. The decision came after Zynga reported a loss of $448 million for the quarter and a net loss of $209.4 million for its last financial year. Still, those losses represented an improvement from the previous year’s $404.3 million loss.

This news also came on the same day that GamePolitics.com reported that Electronic Arts (EA) finished at the top of the reviews aggregation site Metacritic’s list of top video game publishers for 2012. EA finished ahead of such companies as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Capcom. Last year, EA accused Zynga of copyright infringement, and Zynga responded by filing a countersuit alleging that EA prevented its employees from leaving to work for Zynga. One month later, Zynga alleged theft of trade secrets in a lawsuit it filed against a former developer who went to work for rival developer Kixeye.

As the financial and business news website Minyanville noted in a blog post entitled “Zynga’s Earnings May Reveal Its Impending Demise,” the “string of unfortunate circumstances has all but brought the company to its knees” and analysts were saying that “long-term prospects look pretty grim.” Zynga’s struggles can partly be blamed on Facebook opening up its platform to other developers, but Minyanville also pointed out that the company “has long been criticized by the video game industry for blatantly copying existing franchises.”

While the legal issues Zynga has been dealing with might not be entirely responsible for the company’s financial woes, they certainly have not helped either. Your company may be able to avoid similar disputed by working with an experienced Los Angeles business litigation lawyer, and you can learn more about intellectual property litigation by visiting our website. Contact our firm at [number] or complete the form on this page to let our Los Angeles copyright infringement lawyer review your case.

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