Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer | Frito-Lay Loses Trademark Infringement Case

Frito-Lay lost a trademark infringement case against Medallion Foods, according to IPWatchdog. Frito-Lay’s lawsuit against Medallion Foods alleged trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, unfair competition and dilution under the United States Trademark Act as well as patent infringement under the patent laws of the United States.

The subject of the trial was Frito-Lay’s Scoops design, which it alleged Medallion infringed upon in both design and packaging. The packaging for both Frito-Lay and Medallion are blue, feature a black name on a geometric background and have a see through panel that gives the illusion that the chips are being dipped in salsa.

“This was a very complicated trial, and we were fortunate to have an extremely smart jury that understood the issues and delivered a just verdict,” said John Ward, whose firm Ward & Smith helped represent Medallion. “This jury digested almost 40 pages of complex instructions and returned a verdict in our clients’ favor on all issues submitted.”

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