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Shortly after its release in 2009 Mobigame’s Edge had to be removed from the US and UK Apple Store because of a trademark claim by Tim Langdell, founder of Edge Games, Inc. Multiple outlets have referred to Langdell as a “trademark troll” because of his recurring tendency to sue any game maker who used the term “edge” in any form. The video gaming website Polygon reported that Langdell claimed in a series of lawsuits that trademarks covering “The Edge,” “Gamer’s Edge,” “Edge” and “Cutting Edge” entitled him to injunctions and damages for trademark infringementby games like Electronic Arts Inc.’s Mirror’s Edge.

The video gaming blog Joystiq reported that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) officially issued a notice on April 17 canceling the trademarks. In celebrating the decision, Mobigames began selling all versions of Edge at 50 percent off. “We are so happy for all the victims of this trademark troll, truth and justice finally won!” Mobigame’s David Papazian wrote on the website of Two Tribes, the publisher of Edge. “We feel that we have to celebrate this major event in some ways, and we hope all the good people we met along the road will celebrate with us.”

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