Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney | Three Video Game Developers Detail Lace Mamba Troubles in Open Letter

A trailer for Deponia, an adventure game created by Daedalic Entertainment was recently posted online. According to the video game website Gamasutra, it was one of four Daedalic titles that Lace Mamba Global Ltd. agreed to publish and distribute when the developer signed a contract with the British publisher in June 2010. In an open letter to members of the games industry and professional games media dated February 11, Daedalic Director of International Publishing Sergei Klimov was joined by managing Directors from Amanita Design and Colibri Games in detailing the struggles that the three independent developers have had with Lace Mamba.

The studios detail how the publisher failed to honor its contracts by failing to provide timely reports and royalty payments. The letter also accuses the publisher of selling rights to games, despite not having the right to do so, and then pocketing the revenue. While the letter states that “Lace Mamba Global Ltd. has paid all of its outstanding debts to CBE [Software] and Daedalic Entertainment and also paid to Colibri the remaining part of the minimum guarantee that has been due for many months before,” the letter states that Amanita could be looking into legal action.

“It seems that the only way of defending the rights of Amanita is to engage a professional law firm that would be able to take the issue to the British courts in order to establish the precise relationship of Lace Mamba Global, Lace Group and Mamba Games, as well as the positions and responsibilities of these companies and their management as far as Amanita’s contract and breach of such contract are concerned,” the letter stated. “It is a long and windy road but the studio is willing to take it to establish the truth, so that other studios are prevented from being harmed in a similar way in the future.”

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