Lenny Kravitz Files Trademark Lawsuit Over Expired Contract

Lenny Kravitz is suing merchandising company Cinder Block LLC for trademark infringement, based on an agreement that allegedly expired in March 2013.

According to court documents, Kravitz entered into an agreement with the California based company in September 2009. For years, the company legally sold several products featuring the artist’s name and likeness, including t-shirts, CDs, and other products.

That agreement was terminated “by its terms” in March 2013, according to Kravitz. However, the retailer continues to sell the items and profit from the artist’s trademark.

Kravitz argues that his name does more than identify him; it implies his support of a product or store. By continuing to sell the merchandise, Cinder Block is profiting from the “false suggestion” of a connection with the artist.

The musician is requesting a declaratory judgment that the agreement has expired, and an injunction to stop Cinder Block from selling any “Lenny Kravitz” merchandise in the future. The lawsuit also demands all profits from the sale of infringing merchandise.

Some infringers try to build their own brands by implying a connection with a stronger trademark. If they provide an inferior product, the bond of trust you share with your customers could be compromised, as well as your reputation.

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Did You Know: Cinder Block’s CEO is countersuing Lenny Kravitz, his manager and any new merchandisers, demanding $150,000.

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