Jury Sides with Apple in Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Apple has successfully defeated a so-called “patent troll” lawsuit from GPNE, who claimed the well-known tech company owed it $94 million for various patent infringements.

GPNE is a technology company that owns several patents, but it does not sell a product. Instead, the company makes its money from licensing fees that other companies pay to use its patents.

What Is a Patent Troll?

Some high-level tech companies call these businesses “patent trolls,” because a large percentage of their money is made by suing larger, more successful companies for alleged “infringements,” then requiring them to pay astronomical licensing fees.

In 2011, GPNE began suing Apple over two patents related to cellular networks. The company cited two patents for similar technology, then demanded that Apple pay $94 million for all its infringing products, including most modern iPhones and iPads.

Apple countered the suit by arguing that the technology detailed in the patents was used for pagers, an outdated technology which it does not sell. The tech giant’s attorney called the lawsuit a “blatant attempt to extort money” and a “waste of everyone’s time.”

A San Jose jury ultimately sided with Apple and dismissed GPNE’s claims. After the trial, Apple released a statement calling on Congress to enact more laws protecting its creations from senseless litigation.

My Patent Is Under Attack! Help!

Patent trolls work hard to exploit any similarities between their patent and successful products. If your business is under attack, you may need professional legal help.

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[Did You Know: Apple is the top target of patent trolls, facing 92 lawsuits over a three-year period.]

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Source: www.cnet.com

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