What Happens If a Company Spies on Another Company?

On November 13, the Los Angeles Superior Court frustrated Mattel’s motion to dismiss a $1 billion trade secret lawsuit, which was filed by MGA Entertainment. The lawsuit was filed because MGA accused Mattel of spying on it and other companies for years at toy shows.

This decision is just one part of a long-standing legal feud between both companies.

What is a Trade Secret Case?

A trade secret lawsuit can occur several ways. Three of the more common origins for such a lawsuit include:

  • An employee or partner purposely leaks internal information about his or her company outside of the company.
  • A former employee or partner uses the internal information of his or her former company for personal gain when forming his or her own company.
  • Spying by another company can qualify as a trade secret lawsuit, as we see from the case mentioned above.

Many companies make their money on their unique and innovative methods. When these ideas are stolen, it can hurt their business. The businesses that have been harmed by the theft of others have the right to take another company or person to court for economic damages.

How Difficult Are Trade Secret Cases?

There are many factors that are involved in judging the difficulty of a trade secret case. First off, you have to find proof that they knowingly stole company secrets. Additionally, if they are an employee, or former employee, you will need find any signed non-competition or non-disclosure agreement papers.

Other factors are involved. Large, successful companies accused of spying, or otherwise stealing trade secrets, may have lawyers on their side specifically trained to protect them in cases like this. Likewise, prosperous companies will likely have lawyers trained specifically to file trade secret lawsuits for them.

No matter what side of the case you are on, you will need an experienced trade secret lawyer who understands Los Angeles business law.

Need a Trade Secret Attorney in the Los Angeles Area?

If you are involved in a trade secret lawsuit or if you believe that another company could be spying on your company, then call Klein Trial Lawyers. We are eager to protect your rights and fight for your interests.

[Did You Know? Coca-Cola’s original formula is one of the most desired trade secrets.]

Source: www.patch.com

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