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The Force Was Not with These Three Star Wars Lawsuits

  • By: Robert Klein

The Force Was Not with These Three Star Wars LawsuitsLucasfilm has a long history of intellectual property lawsuits that shows the importance of protecting your brand. The film giant has taken on the Ronald Reagan Administration, Verizon, a dedicated fan and many others over allegations of trademark infringement.

Why Lucasfilm Defended Its Intellectual Property

Lucasfilm has sued over the names of Star Wars characters and objects associated with the movies. Building the Star Wars universe took an incredible amount of creative thought, and when audiences were introduced to the first movie, it became a worldwide sensation. This can partially explain why Lucasfilm sold to Disney for over $4 billion in 2013. Star Wars is an unforgettable brand that is known worldwide. Even small features of the Star Wars films are profitable, as we have seen with Lucasfilm’s lawsuit against Verizon Wireless.

When a brand is world-renowned and worth billions of dollars, it is worth defending under any circumstance.

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