Converse Accuses Multiple Retailers of Trademark Infringement

Popular shoe designer Converse has filed more than 20 trademark infringement lawsuits against K-Mart, Wal-Mart and other retailers for selling knockoffs of its design.

The lawsuit accuses various companies of ripping off the iconic striped toe-guards of Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars, one of the company’s most popular designs.

Fashion trademark lawsuits are usually between two dueling brands, but the Nike affiliate is taking legal action against more than 30 companies, including Skechers, FILA, Ed Hardy and Ralph Lauren.

Converse has also filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), a federal agency that stops counterfeit merchandise from entering the country. Since many shoe retailers manufacture their products outside of the U.S., Converse hopes ITC will help them keep infringing shoes away from U.S. retailers.

Converse CEO Jim Calhoun told the Times that his main goal was to stop the infringement rather than punish the infringers. Trademark infringement in fashion is notoriously difficult to prove, but Calhoun believes the iconic shoes are “an American icon” and should be defended at all costs.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your hard work and vision become a successful, marketable brand. Unfortunately, success can make your business a target for infringers looking to boost their own products by profiting from your hard work.

Do I Need a Trademark Attorney?

Even if your trademark case has merit, it is unwise to try to fight it on your own. The right trademark attorney can help you defend your intellectual property, stop an infringer’s abuse and recover any lost profits.

If you need to discuss your business’s legal options, reach out to Klein Trial Lawyers today and schedule a confidential legal consultation. Robert G. Klein has 20 years of courtroom experience in patent and trademark law; his knowledge could make a crucial difference in your case.

[Did You Know: The USA Olympic basketball team won seven consecutive gold medals wearing Chuck Taylor All-Stars.]

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