Why Would a Company File a Trade Secret Lawsuit Against Its Former Employees?

Gillette has filed a trade secrets lawsuit against four of its former employees, all of which are employees of ShaveLogic. Gillette argues that ShaveLogic was given trade secrets by these former employees, who have breached their contract with Gillette by doing so.

Trade secrets are an integral part of why a business succeeds. As such, other companies will sometimes try to steal secrets from a successful business to enhance their own success.

Are Trade Secrets Often Stolen?

An article published in the March 2010 issue of the Gonzaga Review analyzed trade secret litigations and found that trade secret lawsuits doubled in 1995 and 2004. At this rate, we are likely to see it double once again in 2017.

According to this study, 85 percent of trade secret cases involve someone that was an employee or business partner. In short, someone the employer knows.

Therefore, as a business owner you may want to consult a business litigation attorney that understands both contract law and trade secret litigation so that you can prevent such incidents before they can occur.

Need a Trade Secret Attorney in Los Angeles?

Your businesses trade secrets are a key element of your success and ought to be protected and defended. A California business litigation attorney can advise you on your options if you are in a lawsuit or planning to file a lawsuit. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get up to date business litigation news.

[Did You Know? 30 percent of all trade secret cases reference laws from California, New York or Illinois.]

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Source: www.cnbc.com

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