Can Selling Mixtapes Lead to a Copyright Lawsuit?

Various companies are in legal trouble for selling mixtapes to the family and friends of inmates in correctional facilities. Universal Music has decided to crack down on this industry, which market mixtapes as “care packages.”

Many well-known artists such as James Brown and Eminem have been mentioned in the complaint sent to a California federal court.

The complaint considers the mixtapes as an infringement of copyrights owned by other persons, as well as being piratical collations, despite arguments to the contrary on the defendants’ websites. Universal Music does not consider mixtapes falling into the category of fair use.

Universal Music is aiming for $150,000 in statutory damages for each copyright that is infringed.

In addition to going after mixtapes, Universal Music has also been considering legal action against American Airlines over its use of in-flight music.

What is Fair Use in Copyrighting?

Fair use allows the copying of copyrighted material for either limited or transformative purposes. The use of copyrighted material to comment or parody a work is legal and does not require permission to copy the material. A good example of this would be a book of literary criticism that quotes a few lines from a Stephen King book.

Are You in Need of a Copyright Infringement Attorney?

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[Did You Know? Contraband is a legal term used for goods sold or bought illegally.]

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