How Can Scamming Infringe on a Trademark?

Microsoft has sued two technical support companies, Customer Focus Services and Anytime Techies, on the assertion of multiple trademark infringements. More specifically, Microsoft is attempting to fight against supposed tech support scams that it claims are tricking customers into paying for technical help by claiming affiliation with Microsoft.

The tech support companies are accused of convincing Microsoft users that they have a malware problem so that they can sell the worried user support that they do not actually need. Scammers have been known to steal online account information, including passwords. Additionally, the scam has convinced some users to pay out as much as over $500 for “fixing the problem.”

Microsoft has received over 65,000 complaints about these scams this year.

Have Scam-Related Trademark Infringements Happened Before?

In 2012, many similar trademark infringement lawsuits were filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against several firms, most of which were from India. While these lawsuits knocked out these particular businesses, the lawsuits clearly have not prevented others from carrying on similar tactics.

Where Can I Find a Trademark Infringement Attorney in Los Angeles?

If you think another business is violating your company’s trademark, then call our California business litigation attorneys right now. We provide personal, thorough and knowledgeable representation throughout the Los Angeles area.

[Did You Know? The FBI reports that senior citizens are the most vulnerable to tech support scams.]

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