California Wine Lawsuit Launched Over Unfair Competition

A proposed class action lawsuit could affect about 30 California winemakers known for selling bottles of wine for less than $10. The lawsuit was filed for wine consumers in California that have purchased one of these 30 brands in the last four years.

The lawsuit was filed on March 19 in the California Superior Court alleging that these low price wines have a possibly dangerous level of arsenic content. It is claimed that these wines have over 500 percent the allowable limit of arsenic.

High levels of arsenic can increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

The suit claims that these companies have failed to warn consumers of the dangerously high levels of inorganic arsenic. An independent Denver, Colorado lab known as BeverageGrades conducted the research on 1,306 wines and found 83, which had inappropriate levels of arsenic.

What Are the Legal Grounds for Filing a Lawsuit Against These Companies?

The attorneys that filed the lawsuit accuse these wineries of unfair competitionagainst wineries that follow the rules and use safe practices to make their profits. In addition to unfair competition, the lawsuit claims unjust enrichment and misrepresentation.

Businesses that break the rules to defeat competition that follow regulations should be punished. An experienced business litigator with a history of taking on unfair competition cases can help you.

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[Did You Know? The allowable amount of arsenic in wine is 10 parts per billion, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.]

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