Apple and Samsung Come To Blows Over Patent Infringement

Apple and Samsung are finally butting heads in the courtroom over the patent infringement case that has been two years in the works. Apple is demanding $2 billion from Samsung for infringing on the following patents: slide-unlock to prevent pocket dialing, word correction, contextual links, universal phone search capability and data syncing. Samsung is also pointing fingers, accusing Apple of infringing on Samsung’s patents for video transmission and photo applications.

Both sides are basing their case on heaps of internal documents related to the allegedly infringed patents. Apple’s attorneys highlight recordings of Samsung meetings in which their developers used iPhone screenshots to design a contextual link system. On the other hand, Samsung has evidence of Steve Jobs proposing a “Holy War” against Samsung and Android after realizing that “Apple is in danger of hanging on to the old paradigm to long,” according to the document.

Furthermore, Samsung’s attorneys claim that Apple’s efforts are exaggerated and misguided. The Galaxy Nexus, one of the supposedly infringing products according to Apple, was, in fact, designed by Google, not Samsung. This pivotal piece of evidence has far-reaching implications. If Apple is victorious, the fallout will likely extend past Samsung and into Google territory, granting Apple a strategic position to launch further lawsuits.

Some believe that patent infringement lawsuits such as these are the product of overly-broad patents which stifle competition and promote monopoly. “While worldwide brands and small companies alike view their own companies’ patents as having a high quality level, there is a widespread belief that there are many low quality patents causing a thicket. This further impacts innovation as meritorious advancements are buried in this thicket and the public has to pay monopoly pricing and the cost of public litigation,” said the president of a patent validation company.

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Regardless of the trend towards broad patents, infringement still costs large corporations millions of dollars annually. When you notice another organization using platforms based on your proprietary designs, sound the alarm and we will be there. Attorney Robert G. Klein has been aggressively handling complex intellectual property litigation since 1987. Klein and associates have taken over 70 cases to trial from state courts to the U.S. Supreme Court. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, contact our firm today.

[Did You Know: According to the suit, Apple wants $40 of royalties per Samsung phone. There are 37 million allegedly infringing phones.]

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