7-Eleven Launches Multiple Trademark Infringement Lawsuits To Protect Its Identity

7-Eleven Inc. has filed a trademark lawsuit against a Pennsylvania convenience store over its name and logo, which allegedly share a striking resemblance to the national chain. Super 7 Food Mart is being sued by 7-Eleven for trademark infringement and unfair competition. According to the lawsuit, Super 7 Food Mart is using the name “Super-7” and a logo with an Arabic numeral “7”.

7-Eleven wants Super-7 to discontinue use of its logo and pay damages resulting from a loss of business. If the lawsuit is successful, Super-7 would pay three times the damages 7-Eleven has suffered as a result of the infringement.

Merchandise sold by Super-7 has also been targeted in the lawsuit, and 7-Eleven wants all signs, labels and wrappers featuring the Super-7 logo to be destroyed.

7-Eleven operates more than 7,000 stores across the country, and has previously filed trademark infringement lawsuits against “copycat” businesses. U-Mart in Long Island was recently targeted by 7-Eleven for using a similar color scheme on its signs. According to 7-Eleven, U-Mart intentionally copied its green, red and orange color scheme. 7-Eleven claimed customers use those colors to recognize its brand.

How Does Trademark Infringement Hurt Businesses?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office defines a trademark as a symbol, sign or design that customers use to recognize a business or product. Customers recognize trademarks and associate them with specific companies or products.

When a company commits trademark infringement, it is profiting from the identity of another business. By contacting a business litigation attorney, businesses can utilize expert help to protect their identities.

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