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5 Amusing Donald Trump Trademarks Over the Years

  • By: Robert Klein

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump is famous for trademarking various phrases, and even his own name. The GOP frontrunner and real estate magnate has trademarked campaign slogans, his name, famous New York City landmarks, catchphrases from his television shows and made-up political terminology.

Why Are Trademarks Important? Money, That’s Why

Donald Trump may be going for the record of “most trademark applications ever filed by a person”, but there is a method to the madness. Trump’s brand has made money, and that is undeniable. Failing to trademark a brand can result in a significant loss of potential income. The reputation of a brand, as in its name and how it connects with the consumer market, can be the difference between failing or succeeding as a company. Trademark infringement is worth fighting, and brands must always be protected.

Robert Klein

About the Author Attorney Robert Klein is a former CPA and known for
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