Drafting Contracts

Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney Robert G. Klein Protects Your Financial Interests

photo of notebook and penOver 25 years ago, Los Angeles business litigation lawyer Robert G. Klein began his business litigation practice to protect the interests of individual business owners by offering each client personalized attention to their legal matters. Over the years of litigating breach of contract actions, Klein developed an acute insight in spotting potential contract problems before the agreement is signed, and he knows how contracts should be drafted to clearly state the terms of the agreement and avoid future contract disputes. Having a professionally drafted business contract ensures each party’s obligations and expectations are unambiguous and provides for every possible contingency. Our Los Angeles business litigation attorney will listen to your financial goals, negotiate favorable terms and draft a contract to ensure your business’ interests are secure.

Writing Contracts Tailored to Suit Your Business Needs

We work closely with clients to write contracts tailored to suit their needs and protect their financial interests, including but not limited to:

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Agent-broker agreements
  • Product development licensing agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Artist for hire agreements
  • Songwriter agreements
  • Author Assignment agreements
  • Third party licensing, including:
    1. File footage licensing
    2. Trademark licensing
    3. Patent licensing
    4. Technology licensing
    5. Computer licensing
  • Copyright infringement protection
  • Trademark infringement protection
  • Patent protection
  • Advertising and endorsement agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • “Work for hire” agreements for protecting copyrights and intellectual property
  • Packaging agreements
  • Marketing and distribution agreements
  • International distributor agreements
  • License agreements, including:
    1. Merchandising
    2. Cable distribution agreements
    3. Home video recording agreements
  • Maintenance and support agreements
  • Financing agreements
  • Security agreements
  • Business formation agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Exploitation agreements

Klein represents many different kinds of businesses and works with clients in the multi-media industry, including video game producers and distributors. He has extensive experience representing companies to create a specialized system for protecting trade secrets not subject to patent.

Detailed Contracts in Writing Protect Your Business

Having a contract review attorney who understands how and why breach of contract actions occur is necessary to prevent future disputes and to provide for every potential variable to protect your financial interests into the future. When the terms of a complex agreement are clear, the risk of business contract disputes and breach of contract actions are minimized.                                                                 

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