Meet Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney Robert G. Klein

Los Angeles business litigation attorney Robert G. Klein has been handling complex business litigation cases since 1987. Thorough preparation pays off in creative presentations that yield results in the courtroom for this aggressive litigator. “I take risks that pay off for my clients because I’m very thorough and always well-prepared,” Klein says. “I get the details.”

Robert G. Klein handles cases in state and federal courts in addition to the U.S. Supreme Court. He has been published in several cases in the Court of Appeals, and he has personally brought more than 70 cases to trial.

In trial, he is consistently recognized for his ability to engage the jury with his dynamic personality. His determination to be a part of every aspect of a case is a crucial factor in his successful verdicts and settlements. Since he is so involved in building and developing each case, he can develop strong relationships with his clients based on honesty and sincerity.

Robert G. Klein has been able to utilize his experience, determination, sincerity and honesty to help his clients attain success in the courtroom. Cases include lawsuits involving business litigationbreach of contract, intellectual property infringementtrade secret thefttrademark infringement, unfair competition, business torts, drafting contracts and interference with contracts and economic relations.

Need a Business Litigation Lawyer in Los Angeles?

Robert G. Klein is the founder of our business litigation law firm and he is available to offer his assistance and expertise as a litigator. Call (323) 653-3900 ext. 110 to speak with him, or submit a contact form on the side of the page.

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