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According to the Guardian Liberty Voice, users of the popular video sharing website, YouTube, have noticed a sharp increase in the number of copyright claims flagged by their copyrighted content scans due to recent changes in the website’s Content ID system. The claims were mostly made against YouTube users who specialize in publishing footage of video games. Often these videos contain three points of copyright infringement: game-play footage by the video game publisher, in-game background music by the video game sound designer and non-game music by the record label owning the song.

Furthermore, online music aggregators often purchase online distribution rights to content and it is difficult to know which aggregator owns which song. However, the claims are still valid. YouTube advises its users to not use copyrighted background music or to pull from their archive of copy-free music.

YouTube released an open letter to its users that reads:

“Last week, we expanded the [Content ID] system to scan more channels, including those affiliated with a multi-channel network (MCN). As a result, some channels, including many gaming channels, saw claims appear against their videos from audio or video copyright holders…one video may contain multiple copyrighted works, any of which could potentially result in a claim…Also, online rights are often resold to companies like music labels and aggregators. While you might not recognize the owner, this doesn’t necessarily mean their claims are invalid.”

In some instances, the Content ID system has made false claims of copyright infringement. An independent game designer received a notification that one of his videos contained copyrighted material despite the fact that he created and owned the rights to all of the content in the video.

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[Did You Know: Every minute, 100 hours of video are added to YouTube.]

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