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Los Angeles Copyright Infringement Lawyer | Film Companies Agree to Settlement

The entertainment news website reported on May 30 that the film company Merchant Ivory Productions and the film distribution company Janus Films came to a deal in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Merchant Ivory filed a lawsuit last August alleging that Janus was infringing copyrights by distributing 25 of its films after their licensing deals expired. Janus

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Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney | Not the ‘sTORIbook’ Ending Three Producers Had in Mind

Three producers filed a $60 million breach of contract lawsuit over the Oxygen cable television channel’s 2011 reality series “Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, Denny O’Neil Jr., Jake Hall and Charles Malcolm claim that they registered an idea with the Writers Guild in 2007 for a show called “Wedding Rescue,” in which

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Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney | Alabama Jury Gives Green Light to $3 Million Award in LED Breach of Contract Case

The light-emitting diode (LED) technology was at the center of a recent lawsuit that delivered a financial jolt to one California company. The Alabama Media Group reported that a jury handed down a $3 million verdict in favor of Clarence “Buddy” Scroggins, and his company Complete Lighting Source. Scroggins filed a lawsuit alleging fraud and breach

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Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer | One Year After Siding with Motorola in Patent Infringement Case, ITC Judge Rules in Favor of Microsoft

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. is in good shape in the patent infringement lawsuit it filed against Microsoft Corp. Last April, US International Trade Commission Judge David Shaw ruled that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console violated four of Motorola’s patents and later recommended a ban on the sale of the Xbox console in the United States. However,

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Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer | ‘Kurt the CyberGuy’ Files Old-Fashioned Lawsuit Against KTLA, Other TV Stations

According to the Hollywood Reporter, KTLA-TV’s Knutsson started his relationship with the station in 1995 after establishing himself as an expert reporter on technology. Within two years, his reports were being syndicated to about two dozen other TV stations across the country. Knutsson signed a five-year deal with KTLA in 2008, but the CyberGuy claims

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Los Angeles Copyright Infringement Lawyer | Will Dispute Over Song Rights Mean ‘Crying Time’ for the Ray Charles Foundation?

In a 1986 interview with Fortune magazine, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffet said that the “perfect amount” of money for parents to leave their children is “enough money so that they would feel they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing.” Before musician Ray Charles died in 2004, the singer gathered most

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