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Los Angeles Litigation Lawyer Robert G. Klein Protects Intellectual Property

Proving the theft of trade secrets and trademark infringement can be difficult, which is when you need a Los Angeles litigation lawyer.Trade secrets are the heart of your company’s success. A trade secret can range from a new chemical composition for a household cleaner to a unique method of making candy or ice cream. A trade secret may involve the use of confidential business contacts or relationships. When someone steals a trade secret, it could have catastrophic effects on your business. Los Angeles litigation lawyer Robert G. Klein has years of experience successfully resolving trade secret disputes.

How Trade Secrets are Stolen

When an employee or partner with access to internal company information either leaks that information to competitors or exploits that information when forming his or her own company, the injured corporation has the right to sue for damages.

However, proving the theft of trade secrets and trademark infringement can be difficult. Did the thief knowingly steal the secret, or did they ‘develop’ the secret on their own? Did the thief sign a non-disclosure, non-competition agreement before stealing the secret? Did the thief use an accomplice to steal the secret to disavow knowledge of the theft?

What To Do About a Stolen Trade Secret

When litigating a tort for the theft of trade secrets, it is imperative that you work with a known professional in trademark infringement law. Robert G. Klein is a business lawyer who has many years of experience in representing trade secret cases. His firm has dealt with all aspects of trade secret law, including copyright infringement cases, and he is able to guide you through the complexities of filing such a suit.

If your firm has experienced a breach in trade secrets, do not delay. Trade secrets are valuable company assets we are ready to help you protect them.

Los Angeles Litigation Lawyer for Trade Secret Disputes

If you suspect that someone stole one of your company’s valuable trade secrets, we can investigate, find out what happened and punish the guilty parties. Contact us by calling (323) 653-3900 ext. 110 to learn about how we can help protect your firm’s trade secrets. Alternatively, if someone is unfairly accusing you of stealing trade secrets, we can help protect your innocence.